What are you and your daughters doing on this Galentine Day?


February 13 marks the annual celebration of female friendship – and theGrio has a list of ways to celebrate!

Cue it girlfriends theme song because it’s that time of year! Who said that friendship and love between sisters weren’t as important as romantic love? Celebrated every year on February 13, ‘Galentine Day’ is once again upon us and in honor of the occasion, we’ve put together a fun list of ways to celebrate brotherhood, friendship and love. today or any day of the year!

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Do-it-yourself drink tasting

Grab the girls and pour the drinks because Galentine’s Day is the perfect time to host a DIY drink tasting. There are few things more relaxing than sharing a few laughs over a new wine, spirit or liqueur with your favorite girlfriends. If you’re looking for ways to save money but want to be festive, playing host gives you the advantage of not only planning a fun occasion, but also setting the party mood.

Pro Tip: Buy black-owned wines and liquors to honor Black History Month, such as the McBride Sisters Collection, Ashanta wines, Anteel tequila, or Red Rose vodka.

Candle making class

Candles are quietly a girl’s best friend, so what better way to bring the girls together than with a candle making class? We always reinforce the importance of self-love and take a time-out; creating candles to add to the ambiance at home is a creative activity to do with your daughters. Plus, they’re sure to enjoy a day of choosing scents and colors to pair with their own unique personalities.

Hotel/spa stay

Who said staycations were just for romantic couples? As Cyndi Lauper said, “Girls just want to have fun!” So grab your best friends and book a room at one of your favorite hotels or spas for some relaxation! Add some love to your room with personalized touches for each of your girlfriends, and add a cute theme, fun playlist, and decorations to enhance the experience. Then relax with some of your favorite people, music, great food, and girly talk.

Queens Night Karaoke

Grab the mic and sing the night away with some of music’s most iconic women. Whether you’re talking about how wild you are with Meg the Stallion or claiming your throne with Queen Bey, you can never go wrong with a karaoke night with your Galentines. It’s one of those activities that never gets old, especially if you show up and date the right people. To kick things up a few notches, create teams with the ladies to see who can choose the best songs and remember the most lyrics.

Content shooting

A Galentine’s Day content shoot is a premier experience for girls. Most of us love the opportunity to do a photo shoot, so what better way to commemorate your brotherhood? Book a space, decorate and grab the camera because it’s time to create some Galentine’s Day content! Capture the vibe of your friendship with cute (and coordinating) outfits, beat faces, and fun energy. Don’t forget the champagne!

Paint and sip

Creating art while sipping your beverage of choice is always the right answer! Paint and Sip is a fun way to get the girls together for Galentine’s Day this year. Whether you’re painting a melancholy queen or recreating an infamous work of art, the point is to enjoy the process with those you love. Don’t be afraid to kick back, relax, and get a little dirty while having fun and enjoying each other.

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