This is what we loved most about the Lego Lunar New Year Traditions set


In addition to the Lego Majestic Tiger set we talked about at the start of Chinese New Year, we also asked our resident Lego builder, Amin, to build the new Lego Lunar New Year Traditions set (80108). Just like the Majestic Tiger set, this mooncake-shaped set also includes a ton of detail that helps show off what it’s like to celebrate Chinese New Year with your family.

The manufacturer’s experience

According to Lego, the set can be built by one person or by the whole family – each family member can even build a section of the set each. Our resident Lego builder, Amin, took the initiative to build the set himself. Here’s what he thought of the experience.

“What I loved about the set was its intricacy and the way it tells an interesting story, from spring cleaning to visiting your elders. But what I didn’t really like about it, because I was building it myself, that was how repetitive the sections were…every platform was the same. It would be a lot more fun to build it with your family members,” Amin said.

Amin also pointed out that the set has more stickers than he would have liked, which can be difficult to stick on properly at a glance. In addition, there were small “whimsical things” like the orange tree, which was “painful to build because it is so small”.

During its construction, Amin also talked about startling details that wouldn’t even be noticeable to people who didn’t build the set. There is a golden frog hidden under the God of Wealth section representing Jin Chan, and a golden coin under the sofa in the living room section. The middle of the set also features printed tiles that also tell the story of each section, and it’s all quite intricate.

Besides making the whole thing look like a mooncake — or one of those Chinese New Year candy boxes — you can separate each section and stack them in a pyramid. This way of presenting the decor enhances the sections even more, and makes it even more grandiose.

The details we loved

Each of these sections can be easily detached, but you don’t need to detach them to enjoy each section. Lego described the set of Lunar New Year traditions as something that helps celebrate six different Chinese New Year activities. They include spring cleaning, food shopping, making lucky decorations, family time, sharing ang-paus, and part of the set that even features the God of Wealth. Each module aims to help children learn Chinese customs through play.

There are lots of little details that we loved, and they all made up the most adorable decorations. But some of our favorite little details include the painting of the family behind the Lego family watching TV, the colorful cleaning supplies, the little sausages, the Lego shopping bag, as well as the popsicles shaped like little Lego men. There is also a small package marked BLL, which stands for Billund, Denmark, the home of Lego.

Even though Amin built this set himself, it seems like a good time if you’re planning a family Lego building session for it. Building a piece of the set yourself and linking the pieces together to make a complete set sounds like the perfect Lego linking activity.

The 1066-piece Lego Lunar New Year Traditions set is priced at RM299.90, and you can find it online at Toysrus, Zalora, and Legoland, as well as Lego-certified stores. And from now until February 13, buyers at Lego Certified Stores and Legoland Malaysia Resort who purchase Lego products with a total value of RM328 can receive the Limited Edition Gift With Purchase (40491) Lego Year of the Tiger.

From now until February 28, all Lego-certified store shoppers with any purchase (with a minimum spend of RM188) can also receive a red packet with a Lego RM30 voucher. All Lego-certified stores and Legoland Malaysia Resort buyers with a purchase of at least RM829 of Lego will also receive an exclusive gift with purchase, (40532) Taxi Modulaire.


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