These 17 Delaware College Courses Might Not Make Your Parents So Proud


If you think English students just learn the classics and theater students just play Shakespeare? Think twice.

University courses have come a long way. From belly dancing to scuba diving, there are more unusual options that University of Delaware and Delaware State University students have these days when it comes to fulfilling their class schedules.

University of Delaware

1. From cow to cone: the science and business of ice cream

UD students can now learn how their delicious on-campus creamery, UDairy, makes its delicious frozen treats. In addition to learning the science and production of ice cream, students develop their own custom creation as a final project and do blind ice cream taste tests.

2. The Art of Happiness

Students explore how they can improve their happiness, health, and quality of life through a series of weekly homework assignments.

3. The Literary World of Harry Potter

As students embark on their journey through college, they can follow Harry’s journey to Hogwarts in an English lesson that follows the 7-book series. Students can read their favorite childhood books, but delve deeper into the themes and motifs of the series.

4. Beverage management

Only students aged 21 or over can take this course which focuses on the legal, financial and social issues surrounding alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Fake student IDs probably won’t work to get them into this exclusive class.

5. Medical communication

An unlikely collaboration between nursing students and theater students comes to life in this atypical curriculum. Theater students use improvisation and acting to create fictional real-life scenarios to which nursing students then respond.

6. Diving

Just like you need a license to drive, you need certification to dive. With this course, students will not only leave UD with a diploma, but also with a diving certification after a series of diving courses.

7. The art of Chinese calligraphy

While other students sit at the student center doing homework on their laptops, students in this course can whip out their ink and brushes to do their homework: Chinese Calligraphy. Students learn the evolution of Chinese characters, the aesthetics of Chinese calligraphy, and other basics of Chinese painting.

8. Pig production

Students majoring in animal science gain “hands-on experience” in UD’s Animal Science Lab by studying the ins and outs of swine nutrition, housing, health, management, and breeding.

9. History of the future

What did past generations think the world would look like right now? Students will study cultural perspectives covering everything from engineering feats to comic books.

Delaware State University

10. Belly dance

Between their more traditional classes, Del State students can let loose with a belly dancing class. The course offers four different levels – beginner, oriental, drum solo and veil – and claims to help improve students’ posture and muscle toning.

11. Principles of weed science

In a course with a somewhat misleading name given the type of “weed” that is most often on the minds of students, this course studies the type of weeds that invade a garden or farm. Students learn how to control and eliminate these unwanted plants.

12. Forensic Death Investigation

In this grim course, students explore the field of death investigation and the steps in determining the cause and manner of death. The material studied will help prepare students to take the certification exam for the American Board of Medical Death Investigators.

13. Ethical Hacking

This course teaches students “soft cybersecurity skills” and how to fight cyberattacks…ethically, that is.

14. Typing

Although many students today grow up with keyboards, Del State offers a course “dedicated to mastering the keyboard and developing speed and precision in the manipulation of the machine.”

15. Casino Operations Management

Want to learn how to manage and operate slot machines, table games, sports betting, car and horse racing, and more? It covers all these areas theoretically, technically and financially for anyone who aspires to a career in casinos.

16. Personality

What makes who we are, who we are? Del State students will explore this question in this course through personality theories and personality assessment.

17. Fundamentals of Horsemanship

Students can now fulfill their childhood dreams of riding in this Del State course, where they will learn basic handling, grooming, saddle, bridle, mounting and riding skills.


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