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Better late than never, the school of landscape painting celebrates its 40th season two years late


The Blue Mountain School of Landscape Painting looks forward to celebrating its 40th season in 2022.

What started as a way to recruit teachers for a group of passionate local artists has grown into a highly respected art school that has given thousands of students the opportunity to explore, learn and paint amidst the beautiful scenery of South Georgian Bay.

The Blue Mountain School of Landscape Painting was established in 1980 “to encourage and foster awareness, interest, and talent for the art of landscape painting in the Blue Mountain area” and “to establish and operate a school of art with a high level of education. ”

For many years the school focused on watercolor painting and all classes were outdoors (open air). Over time, the school became known throughout the province as students ventured here for the excellent teaching and great time spent outdoors.

The school is non-profit and is organized and run by a volunteer Board of Directors.

At first, a dinner was held to welcome the students, which later turned into a reception at one of the board members’ house that continues to this day. The school has always encouraged feedback from participants. Over time the courses have changed to meet these wishes, adding classes in oil painting, acrylic, drawing and also indoor workshops.

For the 2020 course year, we had planned a 40th celebration with a special guest artist and an art exhibit from past and present instructors and students.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our classes and celebrations due to the pandemic. This year we hope to be able to celebrate our 40th season, albeit two years late.

We are thrilled to have these excellent teachers offering classes this year, including:

Brian Buckrell (May 30-June 3), Gordon Harrison (June 6-10), Alex Sharma (June 13-17), Mark Hope (June 20-24) and Maria Iva (June 27-30).

Registration opens on January 15 at We invite you to join us!



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