Purple Paintbrush Owner Shares Beginner Painting Tips


Getting your feet wet in the world of painting can be a daunting task. Luckily, Joann Snay, owner of Purple Paintbrush, shared some tips for those of us looking to make our first foray into artistic creation.

• Just give it a try.

“A lot of people are nervous. Their play may not go perfectly, but it’s more about experience, and you’re always going to get better,” Snay said. “It’s just about trying. Most people generally love it. It’s nice and relaxing to sit down and focus on one little thing and let all your other worries go away and go. focus on your little hand project. “

• Start painting pottery.

“It’s almost like a 3D coloring book,” Snay said. “The lines and everything are already there, but when you create a piece of canvas, you start with a completely blank canvas and we go from there.”

• Use acrylic paints.

“All I’m using here is acrylic at the moment. Eventually when I have a kiln, we’ll have underglazes, but those are a bit harder to work with,” he said. she declared. “There are a lot of rules with these. You have to layer in a certain way, but with acrylics it is very easy. If you make a mistake you can cover it right away. They are very user friendly. for beginners.”

• Visit the purple brush.

“I have a lot of little things and fun things,” Snay said. “When we paint birch trees, we use a credit card to swipe and get birch bark. I have a lot of little tips and tricks that help people.”


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