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The Oliver Estate in Middleboro, Massachusetts has become one of the South Coast’s most haunted places in recent years. Even TV shows such as Related spirits, Paranormal lockdown and the web series Haunt me made visits to the house which was built in 1769 and played a central role in the American Revolution and the Underground Railroad.

Courtesy of Frank C. Grace / Trig Photography

On Friday evening January 7th I visited the Oliver Estate with a friend and her boyfriend. My friend, Stephanie Forlini, has a great TikTok following where she shares metaphysical videos and discusses paranormal topics. However, she was looking to gain more experience with paranormal investigations, and I knew Oliver’s Estate was a great local place to show her, where the story really intersects with the hauntings.

Where else can you walk in Ben Franklin’s footsteps, and maybe talk with his ghost as well? After all, Oliver Estate is in the heart of the Bridgewater Triangle, where all manner of paranormal activity is known.

We had some very interesting experiences during our four plus hours at home, including meeting people in the shadows in the basement.

Frank C. Grace / Trig Photography
Frank C. Grace / Trig Photography

We were also getting some interesting answers from trying to communicate with spirits through the Estes Method and trying old school techniques like mirror fortune telling.

Throughout the night we often heard footsteps and voices in other parts of the house, even though we knew the four of us, all in the same room, were the only ones in the building. .

We even did a session with my 1909 Ouija board, during which we supposedly communicated with Bethania Sproat, the lady of the house in the 1800s.

Tim Weisberg / Townsquare Media

When Christy Parrish, who manages the estate, asked if Bethania had a message for us, the board said “God loves you,” which was a nice and enjoyable way to end our evening of inquiry. Around 11:30 p.m. we decided to close and Parrish locked the house down as she always does, including barring the upstairs basement door with a wooden bar that slides through iron brackets.

Christy J Parrish via Facebook

What was really interesting, however, was what security cameras captured the next morning.

Just before 7:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, the camera in the home’s “old kitchen” captured what appears to be the wooden bar sliding off the iron stand, completely on its own, with a loud bang as the wood hits the ground. Within seconds, voices can be heard on the recording, although it is difficult to understand what they are saying.

Parrish returned home Monday to wrap Christmas decorations and made the following video to further explain how implausible it was that this bar fell on its own without any force causing it.

“Literally, the bar had to slide out of the door for it to fall,” she said.

“I’m trying to find some sort of logic as to why that security bar might have fallen off on its own, but I really can’t see it,” she said.

Personally, I have been in the house when things have fallen from the wall, like when a painting collapsed while it was very securely placed on a sturdy screw, but it was something even deeper – and captured on camera.

“Being in this house for as long as I have it, I’m used to moving objects and falling things, we document that all the time,” Parrish said. “But this one really makes me scratch my head.” What happened to bring down that bar? “

“As far as the energies go, it would literally have taken quite a bit of energy for something to come and manipulate it enough to release it to bounce and slide,” she said.

A very interesting take for sure.

Paranormal activity reported in Bridgewater triangle in Massachusetts

In his 1983 book Mysterious america, cryptozoologist Loren Coleman introduced a term he coined in the late 1970s – the Bridgewater Triangle – to describe an area with an abnormal level of paranormal activity and great strangeness in southeastern Massachusetts. Over the years, the concept of the Triangle has broadened to include ghostly reports, UFO sightings, cryptid encounters, alien abductions, and more in a wider swath of southern New England.

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