Microsoft updates Classic Paint app for Windows 11: here’s what’s new


Although it has been with us since 1985, Microsoft is keen to update Paint for Windows 11 with some flashy new features.

MS Paint Windows 11 Update What's New

After many years of service, Microsoft has decided to give its classic Paint application a modern makeover. The new update, currently available to Windows 11 insiders in the development channel, is an attempt to synchronize the appearance of the app with the new UI design of the operating system.

What’s new in the Classic Paint app for Windows 11?

As noted on Windows Blogs, the new update brings subtle but important changes to the aging art app. Those familiar with the MS Paint application will notice that the UI of the Change Color, Resize, and Skew pop-ups now matches the style of Windows 11.

Windows 11 paint application update
Image source – Microsoft Blog

Additionally, the new update brings improved support for screen readers for easier accessibility. It also fixes the issue where text boxes move unexpectedly if you are using IME, and also fixes poorly localized dialogs in Hebrew, Dutch, Norwegian, and other languages. And finally, Shift-clicking on a color swatch will now select it as the secondary color.

While these changes may not be substantial, this update may just be the tip of the iceberg. Rumor has it that Microsoft is preparing updates for the Paint app to bring it into the modern era. For example, a dark theme and centered canvas would be in the works for a future release, so be sure to keep an eye out for Paint for years to come.


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Classic Paint app is here to stay

Microsoft’s continued support for the Classic Paint app to sync with Windows 11 means the app will continue to be part of the Windows operating system. With new features reportedly in the works, the new MS Paint app will likely roll out to all users in early 2022.

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