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RAJANNA-SIRCILLA: An ancient rock art site dating from the Mesolithic era was discovered at Ramappagutta, a hillock near the town of Nampally in the Rajanna-Sircilla district by members of Kotha Telangana Charithara Brundam (KTCB) . Estimated to be at least 10,000 years old, this rock art featuring paintings of two snakes, three turtles, human figures and grass was found by A Karunakar and Joel of the KTCB.

While these paintings have been found intact, many more have been erased due to rain and sun exposure. No tools were found on the site. Speaking about the find, KTCB official S Haragopal said the lack of weapon paintings attributes this art to the Mesolithic era.

“Early humans were aware of the threats they would have faced from wild animals, so they stayed at higher altitudes. When they began to develop weapons made of stones, they began to descend to lower elevations, making rock beds and caves their shelters. This particular site is located on top of the mound at a very high elevation, indicating periods prior to the Neolithic Age, ”he told Express.

Similar finds have been made in the villages of Kukunoorpally and Thimmareddipally in Siddipet district in the past, where rock art sites were located atop the mounds, while the site found at Wargal near Gajwel is located near the base of the mound, which is a Neolithic rock artistic site. In the past, inside a cave at the foot of a hillock in the village of Vattimalla de Konaraopet mandal in Sircilla, paintings of a tiger and other figures have been discovered.


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