kids build a unique Riverton tank


The July 24 Days of 47 Parade has dozens of floats, but the one in Riverton had a unique background that relates to children.

“I do grass and flowers,” young Ruby Fisher said as she and several other children worked on a garage floor to complete the final decorations for the Utah Riverton South Stake float. “I love how we celebrate pioneers.”

“Then we sprinkle them,” said Savana McCay, another child volunteer.

The 26-foot-long, 10-foot-wide chariot is all about pioneer children and what they would have brought across the plains. The inscription on the float reads: “I will take your pioneering courage with me. »

The float contains a large newspaper, toys, a huge doll, a quilt, a guitar, and a Book of Mormon. It took months and around 800 hours of work to design, paint, cut and decorate.

But most of the dozens of volunteers were all children. And that included the recording of two main songs written and composed by the chairman of the committee and another volunteer. The children sang the songs and played the instruments.

“At the beginning, I think it was about creating something beautiful. At the end of the project, it was all about creating a great experience,” said Nina Perkins, Chair of the Float Committee. “I think it was more work doing it with the kids with all the volunteers, but it was worth it.”

Even if it doesn’t turn out to be an award-winning float.

“I don’t think we’re winning any awards,” Perkins said with a laugh. “If there’s an award for the most children working on a tank, then it’s ours.”


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