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Did you know that splashing a few colors on a canvas can be beneficial for your health? Painting can be therapeutic and is known to relieve stress. This is why several companies have published coloring books for adults. Engaging in a creative hobby also keeps your brain active and can keep you physically fit. Here’s how painting can help.

# 1 brain health

Painting stimulates the left and right hemispheres of the brain and also stimulates our memory. The left side of the brain is associated with logical thinking and the right side deals with emotions and creativity and painting is known to activate both hemispheres. When we see our subject, the brain registers it and tries to reproduce it on the canvas. This process improves our memory.

# 2 therapy

As we said earlier, painting can help relieve stress. It acts as a release of our emotions, it distracts us from our problems and gives us a creative outlet. When our mind goes into creative mode, our stress levels decrease. This therapy is extremely helpful for people with high levels of anger and nervousness. The end product also gives a sense of accomplishment.

# 3 Self-knowledge

The painting asks the person to act in a specific way. Eg. some pieces require the person to be patient, some require them to show restraint, others may cause the painter to change posture halfway (flexibility). When these things happen, the person begins to understand themselves. You learn things about yourself. You will know if you can be patient, flexible, etc.

# 4 emotional growth

Painting acts as a tool for emotional growth. When an artist paints, he connects with emotion. This emotion is what is revealed on the canvas, allowing us to display our emotions without fear of judgment. Trying to paint distinct emotions can help understand what triggers feelings of joy, sadness, anger, and love. Painting also teaches us to be patient.

# 5 Self-esteem

Painting your heart without any competition in a relaxing atmosphere can promote self-esteem. When your only competitor is you, you take pride in every room you create. You try to improve yourself each time, thus leading to growth. And when we reach a point of self-esteem and take pride in our personal accomplishments, our self-esteem automatically increases.

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