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There are artists in Hanford. I met a man named Javi. Javi recently used her talent for our Dia de Los Muertos event. What he did for us is so impressive, I had to write about it.

HMTC hosts Hanford Dia de los Muertos every November 2nd. This time it’s at Hanford Mall from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Every year, HMTC releases its decorations and makes new ones.

One decoration we have removed from storage for the event is a giant sugar skull. It was made in 2017. Our business manager decided that the skull needed to be repainted and asked Javi to use his airbrushing skills on it. The result is a true work of art.

What is airbrush art? According to, an airbrush is a small pneumatic (compressed air) tool that sprays fluids of appropriate viscosity such as paints, stains, inks, dyes, glazes, etc. It is held in the hand and is used like a pen. The way it works is with compressed air. “When the airbrush trigger is depressed, the air is activated which, by venturi action, draws liquid through the nozzle and atomizes it just in front of the tip / nozzle. The amount of liquid sprayed is controlled. by the distance at which the needle is pulled back with the trigger. “

Of course, there has to be an artistic talent to make beautiful works of art with airbrush painting. This is what Javi has in abundance. His airbrushed art can also be seen at the My Corazon bookstore and boutique at 300 N. Irwin in Hanford. I recommend you stop there and see it.

Plus, be sure to stop by our event to see this beautifully airbrushed skull. We expect people to do what they always do. That is, take pictures with the sugar skull and send them everywhere. We heard that the Scots were impressed with the skull last time around.

Silvia Gonzalez Scherer Executive Artistic Director of the Hanford Multicultural Theater Company.


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