Global Licensing Powerhouse ARTiSTORY Launches First-Ever Retail Platform: ARTiSTORY Collections

  • The online store will sell branded lifestyle products inspired by works of art from major global museums and cultural institutions around the world.
  • The start comes at a time of significant growth for ARTiSTORY as it prepares to expand its retail business and announce a number of new brand-to-museum licensing agreements.

LONDON, September 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ARTISTORYglobal experts in the field of intellectual property licensing for art and culture, are delighted to announce their new branded retail business, with the first platform ARTISTORY collections> to launch today. The online store, open worldwide except Chinawill sell a wide variety of branded fashion, homeware, gifts and stationery from leading museums and cultural institutions around the world, such as the National Gallery, LondonMuseum of Fine Arts, BostonBrooklyn Museum, New Yorkwith plans to open pop-up stores in the future.

Natasha Dysonco-founder and Director of Licensing at ARTiSTORY, said: “We are incredibly privileged to hold worldwide licensing rights to collections many major cultural organizations in the world. In partnership with them, we develop contemporary and on-trend designs inspired by their collections for the products we bring to the world with the ARTiSTORY collections. Far from being “paintings on keepsakes, the store offers shoppers carefully crafted lifestyle products that resonate with all ages.”

The products available on ARTiSTORY Collections will all feature designs from ARTiSTORY’s growing collection of bespoke designs inspired by the collections of their museum partners and informed by the latest trend data. ARTiSTORY’s latest design collections, revealed to the brand and retail world last week during the biannual launch of their style guide, included three new themes:

  • mythical marvels, inspired by famous paintings of Roman and Greek goddesses (Musée des Beaux-Arts, Boston and the National Gallery, London) as well as precious objects from ancient Greece (Benaki Museum, Athens).
  • Around the world, including John Singer Sargent maritime paintings (Brooklyn Museum, New York) and the Venetian paintings by Caneletto (Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum, Madrid), among others.
  • modern mix, inspired by some of the most famous artists of the 20e century, such as the iconic works of Mondrian and Kandinsky (Centre Pompidou, Paris).

Plus, the evergreen theme Gathering of the Greats has been refreshed with newly designed assets inspired by classic masters such as Vincent van Gogh, Albert Durer, Claude Monet and Leonardo DeVinci.

The launch of the ARTiSTORY collections comes at a time of significant growth for ARTiSTORY as they continue to secure master rights for more global museum partners and announce new brand partnerships. Recent projects include:

  • a cross between Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Chinese brand Tecno for the launch a new smart phone inspired by the works of Mondrian at the museum;
  • licensing the ancient cultural heritages of Dunhuang City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Silk Road, for use in a new episode the popular Chinese mobile game Clash of Kings;
  • launch a series of digital collectibles inspired by artwork from the Brooklyn Museum, New Yorkin China;
  • and working with footwear brand TOMS on a new line of products featuring artwork from Frida Kahlo.

ARTISTORY is is also working with Jinjiang Group, one of the largest hotel groups in the world, to launch an innovative themed hotel room using Dunhuang’s IP. They are also developing a number of location-based entertainment (LBE) events, including themed exhibits and pop-ups that combine multi-sensory experiences, learning experiences and shopping experiences.

ARTiSTORY Collections marks the first step in ARTiSTORY’s ambition to expand its retail business, with branded platforms in China to follow, and additional retail concepts offering seasoned art aficionados a more specialized and premium retail experience, to be launched in the coming months.

Yizan He, co-founder and CEO of ARTiSTORY, commented: “The launch of ARTiSTORY’s new business comes at an exciting time of growth for ARTiSTORY as more cultural institutions and global brands recognize the potential of licensing artistic and cultural intellectual property not only to increase revenue and sales, but also to bring people around the world to truly unique products and experiences that inspire and delight them. We look forward to bringing the ARTiSTORY collections to the world.”


ARTiSTORY is an artistic and cultural intellectual property licensing specialist with unique capabilities to transform “artifacts into commodities” and storytelling through digital content, empowered by teams of London, Barcelona, Boston, Shanghai, beijing and Singapore.

ARTiSTORY partners with the world’s leading museums and cultural organizations to develop licensing programs with global retailers and international consumer brands.

Our vision is to extend the reach of our cultural partners to engage wider global audiences through a comprehensive licensing program that includes B2B licensing, online retail, hybrid/digital exhibitions and immersive experiences, supported by stories that resonate with our target audience. ARTISTORY is backed by the intellectual property protection and business investments of Sinofaith IP Investment Company (SIPIC), an investment arm focused on artistic and cultural intellectual property.

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