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For the mother and daughter who live there, their home in Fairway Estates in Daytona Beach is an oasis away from the hassle of everyday life.

In every corner of the house and in every room you walk through, there is a reason to smile. Then there are the elaborate decorations and garden ornaments displayed year round on the front and back of the house.

Who wouldn’t smile when they saw a series of chairs wrapped around a tree known as “Chairway to Heaven” in the garden? Or the merry-go-round inside the house surrounded by a miniature carousel of horses that move and light up? Or maybe the great variety of works of art lining the walls.

Not a hoarder, Kiki Carlson, 51, is strategic about where items are placed in her home. Her mother, Judy, 75, does not actively participate in her passion for decorating but appreciates her daughter’s creations.

The displays are always changed for the summer holidays. The Carlsons also organize garage sales to move some of their treasures to make room for new finds. Much of what is obvious has been collected from recycled materials to make new creations. Some are even recreated from objects found along the route.

Hailing from Montgomery, Alabama, the family moved to Ormond Beach in 1981 and have resided in their current Daytona Beach home since 2001.

Kiki Carlson has a certificate in graphic design. But his job is actually that of an independent disaster housing inspector for FEMA. She arrives at the scene after a disaster to assess damage to homes and then reports it to FEMA. She is always on call and must be able to move around at any time. Her mother is self-employed in the cleaning industry.

Kiki Carlson said she started decorating on a large scale in 2008 after working with Hurricanes Ike and Gustaf. While doing post-hurricane assessments, she came across large family units living together (in Houston, Texas) that were decorating their backyards “like a living room.”

She said, “I just thought it was so cool. They would put art on their fence or on their shelves with pretty things.

So her first project was to paint her fence with leftover paint that she had in different colors.

“Halloween is crazy and Easter is flowered,” Ms. Carlson said. “Everything is still spinning because we go to yard sales and real estate sales all the time. People love our (own) garage sales. She (the house) is constantly evolving.

Recently, she bought metal art from Goodwill which she said was worth a lot more than she paid for. Another time, at another location, she bought a book lamp for $ 2 (a work lamp embedded in very old books) which she later found out that she had a room full of silver coins. worth hundreds of dollars.

Friends Ray and Sandy Grove enjoy exploring Mrs. Carlson’s house.

“I think his house is cool to visit. I’ve never seen anything like it, ”Grove said. “This is the most interesting house I have ever visited. We have organized parties there; they are friends of mine. It is wonderful to visit. Very unique. “

Ms. Carlson is experimenting with “ice dyeing” where ice is placed on, for example, a t-shirt and dusted with dye powder for a unique end result.

She also sells Color Street nail strips and is a cat lover and has three cats while also contributing to animal charities such as CCFAW including setting up a pet food donation box. company in their garage sales.


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