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Crenshaw Orthodox Gallery LA hosts contemporary art exhibition

Shalandrea Houchen poses outside the colorful Orthodox LA Gallery on 54th Street in the Crenshaw neighborhood of Los Angeles. (Courtesy photo)

Orthodox LA welcomes the creative works of 10 emerging artists in a new exhibition titled “What’s Your Vibe?” The interactive multimedia installation is on display until November 1 at the gallery, located in the Crenshaw neighborhood of Los Angeles at 54e Street near 4e Street.

Produced and curated by Shalandrea Houchen, known professionally as Shay Renee, the theme of the exhibition is ‘Back to School’ and contains an array of canvases depicting various scenes alluding to the absorption of information in a multisensory and classroom setting.

As Houchen explained, “These interpretations were created by each artist featured to reflect their ideal learning space, while also encouraging the viewer to cherish their inner child. Much of the painting was created during the pandemic, which was a time of pressure for the world and the fact that these artists even got to express themselves during that time is truly commendable.

The artists are Torin Ashtun, Yedidyah Butterfly, Perri Danielle, Isis Dua, Jonah Elijah, Cortney Herron, Devin Mercadel, Nkechi Odili’Obi and Marley Van Peebles. Some of Houchen’s works of art are also on display.

Houchen stands in front of three pieces by artist NK entitled “She Is”, “Admire” and “Akoben”. (Cora J. Fossett / LA Sentinel)

Describing the talents of some of the featured presenters, Houchen said, “Devin Mercadel is an LA native who paints, designs and makes furniture.” Mercadel is also skilled in creating acrylic prints and clothing.

Herron, also born in Los Angeles, is “one of the most successful active painters in this space right now,” Houchen noted. “She is absolutely amazing as well as a beautiful woman all around.” Herron combines different mediums of muted colors to reflect the black female perspective in the portrait.

Odili’Obi or NK, uses various fabrics as the basis of her artwork and Houchen said, “NK says she just likes the texture and the effect of the paint on the fabric. She also acknowledged the contributions of Dua, who uses acrylic on canvas in the majority of her work. Houchen said, “Isis’ dedication to unique expression shines through every piece.

Pointing out other works on display, Houchen pointed out that Van Peeples embellishes his creations with dinosaurs and defined Elijah’s mural, “First Day of School”, as an “illustration of recorded pop culture.” Also praising Ashtun’s immense talents, Houchen said, “Torin is the most prolific artist of his time!

“First day of school”, acrylic painting on wood by Jonah Elijah. (Cora J. Fossett / LA Sentinel)

The gallery is open by reservation by email and every weekend. Additionally, the site sponsored a full moon ceremony, black light yoga classes, and painting and tasting events. A free painting and sip session for children will take place on Saturday, October 30 from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

“We will provide paints, canvases, juice and snacks for the kids to enjoy. Adults are also welcome and can relax on our terrace while the children paint and have fun, ”said Houchen, who added that space is available for 15 children to participate on a first come basis.

This installation is another component of Houchen’s painting and sip combined with pop-up gallery events, which people can commission to celebrate milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries, and retreats. In a previous interview with Sentinel, she called painting classes an opportunity for individuals or organizations to learn more about Black history, culture and art as well as to commune in a positive space.

Louis Gabriel, owner / operator of Orthodox LA, opened the gallery in November 2019 to provide space for the community and artists. “COVID slowed us down, but it also allowed us to turn this space into a distance learning module for nine children who are students at City Language Immersion Charter on Venice and Crenshaw Blvd. “, did he declare.

Artist Marley Van Peebles embellishes her artwork with dinosaurs. (Cora J. Fossett / LA Sentinel)

“During COVID, I also networked with people in the community and found an artist to do the mural on the facade of the building in early 2021. Last summer, we did a show with four emerging artists. and in mid-November, an artist from New York will present an exhibition of watercolors. So that was really great, ”said Gabriel, who is also a furniture maker.

THE Orthodox is located at 2712 W. 54th St., Los Angeles. To learn more about programs and events, visit or email [email protected] or contact @artbyallnatural on Instagram.


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