Christmas tree trends 2021 – colors and decorations to use this year


These Christmas tree trends are perfect if you need a little festive inspiration. You see, the decorations go way beyond red and green, and there are other ways to think about balls that don’t just involve family favorites.

Maybe you want to add to your existing collection of Christmas tree ideas, changing up the look you always go for, or you’re looking for a whole new look – the experts offer their take on the latest looks this season. .

Of course, the way to think of Christmas tree trends is that there are staples that never go out of style. Twinkling lights, sparkling trinkets, and gift-wrapped boxes never fall out of favor. But these interpretations of how to decorate the tree all feel very present, while also seeming totally timeless.

christmas tree trending red balls

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)


If you are determined in your vision, then this Christmas tree trend is for you and is one of the most consistent alternative Christmas tree ideas. Going back to just one color on the entire tree is not only a bold and stylish look, but also incredibly easy to perform.

Invest in a few of the same sets of balls, or, as Annie Sloan advises, paint your own. “A fabulously modern way to decorate a tree is to paint all of your balls in a single block color – red is a great choice because it contrasts beautifully with the green of the tree,” says Annie. “The single-use color is bold and looks extremely sophisticated, while the contrast between the sparkle of the pine needles and the soft, velvety finish of the matte painted balls is deeply satisfying! “

christmas tree trends pastel tree decorations

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)


Nostalgic trend, this look incorporates a more whimsical color palette and retro designs. Lucy Kirk, Creative Manager at Lights4Fun, appreciates how this look evokes happy childhood memories. “The innocence of this Christmas decor allows us to escape for a moment into a simpler and less complicated time,” says Lucy. “This is an opportunity to take a step back and enjoy the whimsical charm of the festivities.

Pastel pinks and blues are the backdrops for charming touches of nostalgia. “Old party trinkets, retro tree lights, and vintage-style patterns capture the sentimentality of the season, while cute ribbons and bows provide a playful and fun element,” says Lucy.

For this look, step up the magical details – a frosted faux tree works wonderfully with the color scheme while the sparkling wall decorations and candles provide a warm glow.

christmas tree trending paper balls

(Image credit: Rose and Gray)


For something a little softer, you can’t beat a palette of natural tones. Sitting beautifully against festive foliage – whether it’s a tree, centerpiece, or stair garland – these hues will truly accentuate the beauty of nature.

“The camel, beige and beige hues that make up the majority of our decor collection are a softer take on the golden tones traditionally associated with Christmas,” says Lyndsey Goodger, Founder of Rose & Gray. “Natural colors are a big trend this winter and show a larger shift towards all things organic.” This has been seen all year with the return of beige living room ideas.

Of course, preserving the natural world is a priority for everyone, and Lyndsey advises decorating with eco-friendly principles in mind this Christmas – this maximalist season doesn’t mean you have to give up your attempts for a way of life. sustainable. “Our pieces of paper are made from Katran, a 100% biodegradable material, handcrafted by recovering tissue waste from the cotton industry,” she says. “While Christmas can be a time of plenty, we want to make sure we keep sustainability in mind – while also making homes look beautiful. “

Christmas tree trending metal balls

(Image credit: Jonathan Adler)

Gone are the days when you had to choose between gold and silver, because this year, they are the new powerful couple. And who better to talk about this glamorous trend than the undisputed champion of refined opulence, Jonathan Adler. “Nothing is sadder than a pale display of ‘festivity’ over the holidays,” he says. “Do you know that famous quote from Chanel about looking at yourself in the mirror and taking something off before you leave the house?” Ignore it! ‘

Just like the principles of maximalism in interior design, combine these two metallic tones in abundance for maximum effect. “Think of your house as an outfit that your quirky, wealthy aunt could wear and layer, layer, layer,” says Jonathan. “Add gold, silver and sparkle through the balls and string lights – and in copious amounts. As long as you start with a chic foundation, it will work.

Christmas tree trends traditional tree

(Image credit: Finchatton)


Speaking of maximalism, there’s really no fear of tradition at Christmas, so if red and green are your thing, you might as well go! Jiin Kim-Inoue, design director at Finchatton, favors this approach; “I’m a maximalist when it comes to Christmas and love classics like red and green with a lot of bling,” she says. “As a designer there can be a lot of pressure to organize our living space – but once a year I like to hang up my proverbial designer hat and enjoy the festivities! ”

A sparkling glow is key to this nostalgic look, and Jiin reveals an inside secret on how to get the best sparkle in your Christmas decorating ideas. “A very important tip I learned this year during our Christmas photoshoot at Twenty Grosvenor Square was to wrap the lights tightly around the branches to form a good base,” she says. “I used to drape it and wrap it around the whole tree, which would get tangled and look messy. The other added benefit of wrapping the lights is that your tree will look at least 30% fuller and bigger! ‘

Neptune Christmas tree trending stars and balls

(Image credit: Neptune)


If you love green, but are looking for a more contemporary alternative to red, try terracotta. It’s been a strong trend in interiors for a few years now, and to much fun, it’s now making its way into Christmas decorating.

“Terracotta and olive go together so well because they’re two warm, earthy tones,” says Ailie Williams, stylist at Neptune. “While both are pretty bold colors, they don’t go out of style and instead offer a soft balance.” She adds, “While red can often be a pretty cool color, the warmth of terracotta will instantly add coziness to a space. ”

Terracotta is one of those colors that goes with gray, making it perfect for a sophisticated scheme. And when it comes to layering other elements in this look, take inspiration from the natural world. “These tones are very inspired by nature, which is still the best palette to draw from,” says Ailie. “Make it better by adding lots of natural elements such as greenery and decorated branches.”

christmas tree trending golden lights and frosted tree

(Image credit: Nordic House)


For when everything seems too much to you, get inspired by Scandinavian design. Stripping the look of its beautiful essentials, this trend favors quality over quantity. But creating a minimalist look that remains warm and inviting is quite an art, as Sandie Wallman, founder of Nordic House, explains.

“A Nordic Christmas is about creating a welcoming space,” says Sandie. “Candles and string lights with a beautiful tree and lush green foliage may be all you need for a minimalist yet atmospheric look. If you want to add a little more decoration, choose balls that are in a very muted color palette or that are all of the same material. ‘

There are two pretty general themes in terms of trending this Christmas. The first is a move towards an openly and shameless party. From luxurious metallics layering to nostalgic color combinations and maximalist decor – there’s clearly a yearning for all the festivities we maybe couldn’t have had last year.

And for those who prefer things a little behind, nature is a huge source of inspiration for a festive style. Terracotta tones and sustainable materials will be high on people’s wish lists this year as we continually seek to bring our homes closer to nature.

What is the color theme for Christmas 2021?

The color theme for Christmas 2021 is about cheerful bright colors in traditional colourways as well as contemporary alternatives such as magenta and blue will really bring fun to your celebrations.

On the other hand, soft colors are going to be a big trend. Tones of olive green, soft taupe, and caramel are effortlessly beautiful on a Christmas tree and incredibly sophisticated.


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