Celebrate Memphis: Artist Jose Valverde


ABC24’s Brittani Moncrease features a Mid-South artist spreading a message of unity through culture.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — We like to celebrate Memphis. This month, we honor our Hispanic community.

Meet a local artist spreading a message of unity through culture.

Home is where the heart is, and no matter the distance, Jose Valverde brings home with him.

“I left Mexico when I was nine. I was sure why. My parents just brought me here,” said Valverde, an artist from Memphis.

Valverde left his birthplace and found solace in a new place.

“I was able to find who I was through my art. It helped me identify my roots,” Valverde said. “I found my style when I went to New Mexico… It was the first state I came to. It reminded me of where I left home.”

With each painting, Valverde brings the house to life.

“I was able to identify my upbringing in Mexico, so my style is very folk Mexican, a southwestern style. There’s a lot of colors, a lot of vibes attached to it that really tell a lot of stories,” said said Valverde.

Each story draws a different connection.

“It’s called Art from the Heart because it connects with a lot of people in different ways,” Valverde said. “We live in a very difficult city which has even become very dangerous. It’s not just because of the violence in the community. It’s just that as a community, we don’t understand each other anymore.

Valverde presents his Mexican heritage at the center of his art.

“It’s my goal to have different types of people, not just the Latino community, but all communities in Memphis, to come to a sense of understanding through the art of unity and togetherness,” said said Valverde.

It’s a shade that always hits home.

Take a look at more art from Valverde here.

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