Artists reuse materials in exhibit on pandemic and challenges


NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WTVF) – Have you ever thought about making art with masks, empty hand sanitizer bottles, or take out boxes?

This month, an art exhibit at Turnip Green Creative Reuse showcases basic pandemic materials.

“I love that they were really brave and tried something new,” said Leah Sherry, Executive Director. “Larkin’s art includes bags of groceries… which was related to the fact that we didn’t go to the grocery stores for a minute, people were helping us by delivering. It was a theme and an inspiration .. . a whole new canvas for her. “

The exhibition, titled Process For Sanity, features works of art created by Larkin Oates and Natalie Cox. Oates scavenges paper grocery bags and magazine clippings to make collages, while Cox uses reused fibers and wood to weave stories.

“Their works are so beautiful together and so cohesive and have the same theme of using art as an outlet to deal with all the difficult times that we have been through collectively, with the pandemic, the tornadoes and other challenges to Nashville, ”Sherry mentioned.

Turnip Green Creative Reuse is a non-profit organization that diverts usable materials from landfills for creative pursuits.

“It’s been a really tough few years for artists, but artists are also just amazing at taking these experiences and capturing them, and using those materials as an outlet to further heal the community,” Sherry said.

You can visit the exhibit in the Green Gallery whenever the store is open until January 29.


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