Art in the era of confinement: the exhibition presents 13 new paintings by A Ramachandran


An ongoing exhibition of new paintings by renowned painter A Ramachandran here shows how the extended Covid-19 lockdown led to experimenting with the style and content of award-winning artist Padma Bhushan.

Organized by the Vadehra Art Gallery (VAG) in two venues, Triveni Kala Sangam at Mandi House and Modern Gallery at Defense Colony, the solo exhibitions reflect the octogenarian’s latest wave of creativity underscored by visual grandeur and subtle expressions.

Entitled ” Subaltern Nayikas & Lotus Pond, ” the paintings, according to Ramchandran, ” helped him counter the melancholy surrounding the global pandemic for nearly two years. ”

Of the 13 paintings in total, eight are on the “Ashta Nayikas”. However, this Ramachandran series tends to shatter the exalted status that heroines (nayikas) enjoy in the ancient Natya Shastra written by Bharata Muni.

It’s not just beautiful people who fall in love. Hence the word ‘subordinate’, ”notes Ramachandran, 86, of paintings showing the faces of women from the Bhil tribe in northwest India.

As for “Lotus Ponds,” Rajasthan’s vast bodies of water have long been another obsession for Kerala-born Ramachandra, the gallery said in a statement.

“Both exhibitions will serve as a sample of the master painter’s extraordinary style,” said VAG director Arun Vadehra.

The exhibition, presented until November 30 at the Triveni Kala Sangam, will end on December 12 at the Modern Gallery.

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