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August sees the arrival of three new exhibitions at the Ashburton Art Gallery and Musuem. This is the perfect time to visit and appreciate these beautiful and intriguing works by local and New Zealand artists.

Rare and Unparalleled Beauty | August 8 – October 2

Thirty-two landscape paintings from the Kelliher Art Trust collection arrive in Ashburton as part of a South Island tour. Meet works by renowned New Zealand artists including Austen Deans, Colin Wheeler, Douglas Badcock, Dick Frizzell and Michael Smither. Art historian and curator Dr. Mark Stocker will give an accompanying talk titled “The Kelliher Paintings: A New Zealand Phenomenon” at 5:00 p.m., August 31 at the Gallery.

The moon and the sidewalk| August 13 – September 9

An exhibition in collaboration with The Physics Room, featuring new works by Teresa Collins, Yukari Kaihori, Susu and Sam Towse. The exhibition takes an extremely close perspective on the materials and surfaces of an urban environment. He considers them in relation to personal memory and narrative associations, intimate, but sometimes as distant or unknowable as the moon.

Alchemy | August 28 – October 21

Amanda Greenfield and Tatyanna Meharry provide insight into a palace created from the materials we stand on, see every day, and the dust we breathe that triggers an understanding of where we live. The Ashburton region and the lands of Kāti Huirapa ki Arohenua provide the materials that are unique to this region and continue a tradition of earth-inspired storytelling.

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Picture | Peter McIntyre The Manuherikia, Central Otago 1960. Oil on panel 3rd Prize 1960 Kelliher Art Competition.

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