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BRIAN CATLING, the multidisciplinary artist and writer with inexhaustible invention, has died aged 74, ArtReview reports. Catling’s long career included installations, performances (in which he was sometimes disguised as a Cyclops), egg tempera paintings, poetry and teaching, which he named “an essential part of my imaginative spectrum.” Catling rose to fame late in life for writing The Vorrh a trilogy of wildly fantastic and dark novels, the first volume of which appeared in 2012. “The imagination is a muscle, the one that grows with exercise”, he said the Guardian in 2018. “You have to tell him, ‘It’s not good enough, you have to go further.’ I’ve always wanted more than one life. Inventing fiction, acting, these are all ways of being someone else.

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PEDESTONE POLICY. For nearly 25 years, the Fourth Base in London’s Trafalgar Square has been a site of ambitious public art exhibitions by Yinka Shonibare, Catherine Fritsch, and much more. Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II earlier this month there is now talk of using the empty platform (originally intended for an equestrian sculpture by William IV) hold a statue of her. Not everyone is convinced by the idea. Prue Leiththe journalist and restaurateur (and Great British Bake Off judge) who spearheaded efforts to establish the contemporary art exhibits there, told the Guardian that she thinks it’s not “special enough for the Queen” and offered a site in front Westminster Abbey. A proposed compromise is to build a fifth plinth to continue the artistic program. Leith said that “if there were to be an additional plinth it could work as long as it matches the symmetry of the square.”

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Some Florida art museums, including the Tampa Museum of Art and the Saint Petersburg Museum of Fine Artsclosed to prepare for Hurricane Ian, which is battering the state and is currently expected to make landfall Thursday morning. [The Art Newspaper]

Catherine Lee Reidwho led the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Virginia Art Museum in Richmond, died at age 80. She was also Deputy Director of Chicago Art Institute and president of the Association of Art Museum Directors. [Cleveland.com]

Hot on the heels of announcing its collectibles-focused collection Department X, Christie’s said he was launching a platform called Christie’s 3.0 which will facilitate blockchain-based NFT sales. The effort is a partnership with Collectorwhich makes NFT typing easier, and Spatiala metaverse builder. [Coindesk]

The David Zwirner gallery becomes the main funder of the Derivativethe literary magazine capturing the spirit of the times launched by Kiara Barrow and Rebecca Panovka in 2020. In October of that year, Lucas Zwirnerresponsible for gallery content, wrote an essay for the publication on minimalism. [ARTnews]

Designer and patron Miuccia Prada had one of the biggest fashion hits of the last year with the ultra-mini mini skirt she created for her miu miu line. For a story with Tyler Mitchell Pictures, Rachel Tashjian visited Prada in its Milan office, which has a Carsten Holler slide (which she says she hasn’t used recently). [Harper’s Bazaar]

Conservative Rachael Rakes was asked to organize the 2023 edition of the Seoul Mediacity Biennial. Rakes previously served as curator for public practice at BAK in Utrecht, the Netherlands [The Korea Times]

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SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME. Only six people are allowed to visit Michael Heizerjust ended Town work in rural Nevada every day, and reservations are required, but that hasn’t stopped some intrepid skaters with skate magazine Jenkem of try to make an unscheduled visit – and skate it. “We heard about this weird piece of art deep in the desert that looks like a giant skatepark,” one says in a video they shot. (He’s not wrong!) Spoiler alert: They don’t complete their mission. But the video still charms, and they still managed to skate. [Jenkem via @kimmelman/Twitter]


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