An art studio in Callander near North Bay offers new forms of art


Callander’s art studio offers new forms of artwork

Glass fusing is becoming increasingly popular and attracting interest across the North, allowing people to think outside the box.

What started as a hobby for Angela Legere has turned into a full-time passion in Callander, as people from all over the north come to learn how to fuse glass and create their own works of art.

“We have such a big tourism industry in Callander, so when people are here they already stay, so they can come and do a workshop,” said Angela Legere, owner of Incandescene Glass Studios.

“I’ve brought people from Huntsville and Sudbury just for a course and they stay in the area when they’re here.

Legere said it was also a way for people to learn new things and get away from typical art.

“You don’t need experience. You don’t need to have worked with glass before. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it only takes a few hours,” she said.

“You learn how to cut glass and learn a bit of composition to put your piece together. Once you’re done, your piece is created, then we put it in the oven before we leave, then I fire it.

Due to the pandemic, Legere can no longer offer open workshops, but said that hasn’t stopped business, now she has smaller groups but it’s busier than ever.

“People are really into new media, something new to try, and people are really into hanging out with friends and family more than anything. So just something to do and create their own work,” she said.

“The DIY culture (people doing things for themselves) is huge now, people are keeping it longer as opposed to a part they bought.”


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