5 Best Art Classes in Las Vegas, NV


Below is a list of the best art classes in Las Vegas. To help you find the best art class located near you in Las Vegas, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of rating points.

Best Art Class in Las Vegas:

The top rated art classes in Las Vegas, NV are:

  • Art lessons for children – is managed by Kim Bavington
  • Vidigal De Vince Workshop – Julinya Art Class – was started by Julinya Vidigal De Vince
  • Clay Arts Vegas – was launched in 2011/2012, with John Gregg (emeritus), Thomas Bumblauskas and Peter Jakubowski
  • Cathe’s art workshop – is managed and launched by Catherine Britton
  • RA Las Vegas Workshop – is an emporium DIY workshop

Art lessons for childrenArt classes in Las Vegas

Art lessons for children is managed by Kim Bavington. Kim Bavington and her dynamic team of kids’ art classes have been bringing drawing, painting and sculpture to their community for over two decades through their group art classes, private lessons, art parties and camps. art for children aged 3 to 15. For many years, their groundbreaking activities have inspired children in the Las Vegas community, and they currently encourage their children’s creative skills. Find out what makes their approach so entertaining while still being quite informative.


Group art classes, private lessons, art parties, art camps


Address: 509 S 6th St, Las Vegas, NV 89104
Telephone: 702-678-6777
Website: www.artclassesforkids.com


“An incredible art time for children! My son is looking forward to this course. – VS

Vidigal De Vince Workshop – Julinya Art ClassBest Art Class in Las Vegas

Vidigal De Vince Workshop – Julinya Art Class were started by Julinya Vidigal De Vince. Julinya Vidigal De Vince has accomplished her mission as a gifted artist if their purpose in life is to share, feed, teach and help each other. Through the beauty, elegance, wonder and pleasure of her art, she has enriched the lives of many people throughout her life.

Her mission was continued by those she taught. Landscapes, seascapes and vignettes are part of his original oil paintings, encouraging the visitor to enjoy this special moment where he is caught in an intense adoration of the subject.


Original oil painting, art on canvas, oil reproductions, portrait painting, oil paintings on canvas


Address: 1160 Vegas Valley Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Telephone: 831-331-4555
Website: www.julinya.com


“Great job, I was looking for something new and unique, and I’m so happy to have met you and your art. Looking forward to starting our classes. Thank you for your attention
Thank you “- Claudia R.

Clay Arts VegasLas Vegas Art Class

Clay Arts Vegas was launched in 2011/2012, with John Gregg (Emeritus), Thomas Bumblauskas and Peter Jakubowski. It was a passionate project of love. This is a vibrant and committed group of community members, not just the owners. There was team building, school trips, recognition badges, meeting nights and private parties in addition to a constant core of more than a hundred students.

They have also exhibited work for Las Vegas City Hall and the Clark County Library System, in addition to regularly hosting jury exhibitions at their Victor F. Keen Gallery, bringing together hundreds of artists. The studio has become an important part of the Las Vegas arts scene, serving as a community center.


Book studio and classes, workshops and events, pottery classes


Address: 1353 Arville Street, Las Vegas, NV 89102
Telephone: 702-375-4147
Website: www.clayartsvegas.com


“Peter and Tom are first class people. It is only natural that they have a top class business like this. Clean, organized, well stocked with lots of classes, visiting professors, a gallery and a place where students can sell their best pieces. I buy all my supplies from them. Currently, I am very happy to be able to attend their Zoom course. – Maryann F.

Cathe’s art workshopGood art class in Las Vegas

Cathe’s art workshop is managed and launched by Catherine Britton. It is the result of persistent requests from friends and colleagues to teach adult classes. She has been teaching art for 30 years, starting at CCAC in pre-college painting, junior high in art-based curriculum, and public and private schools K-5. In addition, she is an artist who works. Its workshops are now open to the public, allowing you to explore and grow in the art world under the guidance of experts.


Clay, Lessons for young artists, Painting, Drawing lessons, Adult lessons


Address: 2955 S Tenaya Way, Las Vegas, NV 89117
Telephone: 702-290-4001
Website: www.cathesart.com


“Great instructor, very thorough with instructions and the overview had a lot of fun.” – TO.

RA Las Vegas WorkshopOne of the best art classes in Las Vegas

RA Las Vegas Workshop is a DIY workshop in emporium. It offers hands-on lessons on how to create unique and attractive interior design from scratch. It will help you take your home design to the next level while allowing you to have fun while doing it. Make a reservation for a scheduled session or group event. Make your next gathering a resounding success.

Their goal is to deliver the most rewarding and innovative experience to your visitors, from birthday parties and team building activities, to fundraisers and corporate events. They now have DIY kits available for you to have a home workshop experience.


DIY kits, group events, browse projects, franchise


Address: 4450 N Tenaya Way Suite 150, Las Vegas, NV 89129
Telephone: 702-779-3370
Website: www.arworkshop.com


“This place was amazing. Very therapeutic Ideal for groups. We had so much fun. Jules is an incredible teacher. Very patient and kind. I can not wait to return to. – Araine s.


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