11-11 Synchronicity: LeCrue Eyebrows and Konstance Patton Art Show


Photo: Nathalie Levey

Boogie Fam! Time for street arts! LeCrue’s eyebrows and Konstance Patton’s art now adorn the walls and rooms of One Art Space, since yesterday. LeCrue Eyebrows (log on if you want to know what his name means) was featured on our Bowery Boogie Uncapped podcast. We haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Konstance Patton’s work in person, but that is changing this week.

Fresh out of the press bag:

Third Rail Art is pleased to present 11-11 Synchronicity, a joint exhibition of canvases and sculptural works by acclaimed contemporary street artists LeCrue Eyebrows and Konstance Patton, October 27-31 at Tribeca-based One Art Space. The show is the culmination of an eventful year and a half for the two artists, whose tireless work and creative breakthroughs culminated in their most ambitious and inspired artistic endeavors to date. The title of the exhibition, 11-11 Synchronicity, alludes to a strong bond between two individuals, although they may appear different at first glance. In the principles of numerology, “1” is considered a powerful number for manifestation, while the repeated presence of “11” is a particularly auspicious sign or that two performers are synchronized by intention; to “beautify the streets” and generate positive energy through fearless creative expression that enriches the community and serves a bigger purpose.

Another week another show! A bit as if things were back to normal, but also to remind you that everything has changed; you should probably bring your vaccination record if you plan to attend. Discover some of their works below (Konstance in color, LeCrue in black and white).

One Art Space is located at 23 Warren Street. Peace.


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